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24th October 2021 —
With the shift in IC season, we have a number of exciting things in store! Please peruse this thread for details!

10th October 2021 —
Aphelion is two months old! Thank you to all our members new and old for helping our fledgling site blossom into a rich and supportive community. We look forward to what this month has in store!

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world news
fall, year 4012, cont. —
The rumors and whispers heard ‘round all of Rodomere that the fabled star, Alatus, would host a three-day grand masquerade have reigned true! The air is peppered with magic as Aldale Rise is flooded with stars and mortals alike, all donned in magnificent ensembles to represent the trifecta; the Moon, Dust, and the Earth. Come join the revelry!

fall, year 4012 —
As the seasons change the harvest begins. Donum Stella has been spotted! The long tailed comet will make its way across Rodomere between October 10th - 16th! Three characters will be blessed, or even cursed, at random as she passes overhead. To draw her eye to your favor, make sure you participate in an active thread as the Gifting Star makes it's way across the sky!

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The split nation
vincit qui se vincit
Barren is this wasteland of frigid ice & snow, with gaping mountainous peaks like lion’s jaws make the strongest men quake before its glorious might. Cascades of snow line these obsidian teeth like ivory gums all year round. Little is to be found at the top aside from starving predator or lost prey—both would sooner freeze in petrified chase than be caught living among the coldest peak. The single most sign of life at all is the sovereign outpost guarding mortals from the sheer climate chill, though not openly beckoning to travelers of any kind. To live upon the peaks is to stare death in the face on a constant basis, a feat not many are born to do, but what little is created here is cherished with a greedy hand and wary eyes.
notable landmarks:
causatum 5 hours ago by Philonella
aere perennius
Follow the worn signs and the acrid smell of factories and you will come upon the sounds of the morning where all manner of people trade in coin and goods. Difference in class is apparent at a glance; the rich have color, magnificent architecture with a flourish of banners. Carriages tumble through the stone streets, horse’s hooves piercing idle chat of neighbors meeting one another. The poor are dull and lacking color. Their houses are made of deteriorating brick or ramshackle wood which wearily lean together, their doors somber and full of peeling paint. Children play in the grime of the streets with smut upon their cheeks. All manner of sounds are made here, from yowling alleycats to clanking machinery, and doors are always locked at night.
notable landmarks:
omnes una manet nox
A landscape composed of vast sprawling hills and roving luscious countryside. Dotted stone farmhouses and village buildings are connected by various dirt paths that wind over brooks and under wooden gates. Carriages are common on these roads, horses even more so, but the weary traveler on foot can often be found heading into a tavern or inn for a place to stay for the night. Forests are few and far between here, though tree-lines are not uncommonly used as borders between lands and as barriers to the harshness of the cold wind. Mainly these bountiful places are separated by stone fences created by the lonesome farmer to keep his animals in and define his land with ease.
notable landmarks:
homeward bound 11-30-2021, 01:26 AM by Sylas
non ducor, duco
Above, the castle rests as a sentinel, looming over olden, moss-covered stone abbies and able-bodied men who rise from their beds each morning to the shadow of the castle’s watchful gaze. Homes and shops are aligned about a market square with large, wide open streets able to gather many quantities of people within its curious confines with baubles and trinkets. The ruins of an old, forgotten place of worship is idolized for its greenery; shrubbery and flowers, neatly gardened to keep up appearances near the standing place of a fossilized tree, gnarled and bent and long dead. A dockyard is home to several impressive vessel ships, from cargo to dingy. Lastly, a tavern with seldom a dull moment among the gleeful and drunkards singing or fistfighting.
notable landmarks:
figure it out 9 hours ago by Dimitris
audentes fortuna iuvat
Far, far from market noise and smog of looming factories sits the quiet bustle of Jura, the region named after the coast. A quaint little town, home to generations of fishermen and their families and the odds and ends that meet together between the shore and the open ocean blue. Jura is a coastal area that is plentiful in open area meadows and lush overgrowth which eventually turns into the richness of pallid rolling dunes and rippling sands. Hungry shoreline waves lap across the bay and the busy beaches. Out across the ways there sits a lonesome lighthouse, still in use today though it has shown its age by the fading of the red which marks it and the cobwebs which mar its faithful lightsource.
notable landmarks:
Scream underwater 11-23-2021, 05:57 PM by Kit
solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris
Writing belongs to the privileged few, and it is only them who know the convenience of sharing messages across Rodomere. Messages, written in black ink upon a blank sheet of parchment, are detailed and delivered here. There are various means of delivering messages; the most common method is by messenger pigeons. There are also some quaint means of delivering, including a cute little old postman on a donkey.
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